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Walk the Talk Outdoors

For those outdoorsy inclined folks, I'd love to offer:

 -  1x90 minute intake session

 -  3x60 minute coaching sessions per month

 -  Weekly exercises (for your noggin ;-) of course) and homework tailored to your insight.

Our initial discovery session would begin in my office for an hour and the following sessions would be conducted out on one of our city’s beautiful hiking trails.  

Living in Oregon, we all know the weather can be oh so un-predictable.  No worries, if it is too damp, we always have the office to go to.

Walk the Talk Inside

For those of you who would enjoy a chat indoors, I am conveniently located near the NW Pearl District.  

 -  1x90minute intake session
 -  3x60 minute coaching sessions per month
 -  Weekly exercises and homework that support your goals

​First time?

I offer all first-time clients a complimentary 30 minute introductory session for us to decide if “walk the talk” and I are right for you. I am happy to meet you out in the community over a cup of coffee or tea.


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