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​About Gia


I have been supporting people in a variety of ways for many years as a social worker, parent educator, a community volunteer and as a mother. My biggest joy comes from helping others. I have a knack for putting people at ease and folks feel comfortable sharing with me. I listen intently and fully. My hope is to work with individuals in transition who want to see results, be inspired to go further distances and reclaim their internal joy. I have been especially honored to work with those who have had a major change in their family dynamic. My goal is to encourage your strengths while being honest, direct and objective about the things that hold you back. I have found the outdoor beauty of the Pacific Northwest to be incredibly healing. Often times, some of the most transformational work has been done marching up the hills in Forest Park. This inspiration has led me to offer the opportunity to clients to walk or hike as we conduct our sessions.  Through coaching, individuals attain a renewed excitement and passion about their life.

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